2015 Queenan Fellowships Awarded

Pictured above (left to right): Drs. Kelli Barbour, Lucie Moravia, and Ingrid Liff have been selected as the inaugural recipients of the 2015 Queenan Fellowships for Global Health.

Dr. Kelli D. Barbour, a second-year Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow at the University of Utah, is the recipient of the International Agency Mentored Research Fellowship and will spend six months at an international global health agency in Geneva beginning in January 2016. While there she will be involved in multicountry, multicenter research projects and international guideline development on key maternal and perinatal health areas. She is interested in health policy development, infrastructure improvement and information technology in healthcare.

Dr. Lucie V. Moravia, a third-year Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow at Wellspan Health-York Hospital, is the recipient of the Visiting Teaching Fellowship and will spend two months as a visiting teaching faculty member within an established obstetrics program in sub-Saharan Africa. She will work on curriculum development, in conjunction with the African partner, around high-risk obstetrics/critical care obstetrics relevant to resource-limited settings. She is interested in critical care obstetrics and is dedicated to teaching and curriculum development.

Dr. Ingrid A. Liff, a second-year Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, is the recipient of the Investigator-Initiated Research Project Award. She will use the year-long award period to complete a pilot project, “The length of the cervix among HIV-infected women in Botswana” under the mentorship of Dr. Roger Shapiro of the Botswana-Harvard Partnership research program in Botswana. She has a long-standing interest in HIV disease in pregnancy, elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and preterm birth.

The Queenan Travel Fellowship will be awarded later this year to an obstetric faculty member from a low- to middle-income country who is an author of an abstract accepted for presentation at the SMFM annual meeting.

Learn more about the Queenan Fellowships for Global Health here.