Queenan Global Health Awards


The Queenan Global Health Awards were established in 2014 in honor of Dr. John T. Queenan. This program aims to train current and future leaders in perinatal health to partner in advancing obstetrics in low- and middle-income countries around the globe, where a disproportionate burden of adverse outcomes occurs.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss any questions or concerns about these opportunities. If your program is less flexible (e.g., time away from the program, etc.), the Queenan Global Health Committee is willing to consider options and allow flexibility as much as possible. We look forward to assisting you.

Who is eligible to apply?
Current SMFM Fellows, Associate Members, and Regular Members
All funding opportunities, except the Travel Award, are available only to U.S. citizens.
Fellowship Opportunities
The first four fellowships require a formal application. Before departure, awardees must attend a travel medicine clinic and procure evacuation insurance. Award funds may be used to defray the cost of these expenses. Awardees must confirm with their medical insurance providers whether additional insurance is required to stay overseas.

Applications close September 2, 2024.  Award amounts vary by opportunity, as described below:

  • International Agency Mentored Research Fellowship (at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
    Up to $15,000
  • International Agency Mentored Research Fellowship (at Geneva-based agency)
    Up to $15,000
  • This hybrid mentorship is conducted virtually and in person.
    The 6-month stay in Geneva is no longer a requirement.
  • Seed Funding for Investigator-Initiated Research Project
    Up to $15,000
  • Visiting Teaching Fellowship
  • Appendix: List of Potential Sites
  • Up to $5,000
  • Travel Award
    Reimbursed for travel and lodging to attend the SMFM Pregnancy Meeting.
  • This award is presented to a practicing obstetrician from an LMIC who is an author (first preferably, but co-authors are also eligible) of an abstract submitted to the SMFM Pregnancy Meeting. The award will not be given to authors from high-income countries or abstracts without actively participating authors from low- or middle-income countries. No application is required.

Visit our YouTube channel to learn how funding from the Foundation for SMFM has impacted the careers of recent Queenan fellows.


Queenan Global Health Award Recipients


Earlier Awardees


Yusuf Ahmed, MD
Travel Award

Kelli Barbour, MD, MSc, MA
International Agency Mentored Research Fellowship in Geneva