2020-2023 SMFM/AAOGF Scholar

Kristin D. Gerson, MD, PhD has been selected for the 2020-2023 Foundation for SMFM/AAOGF Scholarship Award for her project entitled, “Decoding the cervicovaginal metabolome-microbiome interface: potential mechanisms of spontaneous preterm birth.” Dr. Gerson is currently a 2nd year MFM Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Gerson’s long-term career goal is to become an independently funded translational physician-scientist and leader in preterm birth research. Her research aims to elucidate microbiome-metabolome interactions governing cervicovaginal epithelial disruption and premature cervical remodeling that may trigger or protect against spontaneous preterm birth. This award will provide her with the training and support needed to develop into an independent physician-scientist leader in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Dr. Gerson’s primary mentor, Michal A. Elovitz, MD, was the recipient of the SMFM Scholarship Award in 2000.

Learn more about the SMFM/AAOGF Scholarship here.