Major Individual Donors

The Foundation recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to our programs and mission.
 are grateful for their generous support and investment in the future of maternal-fetal medicine.




($40,000 and above)

Bryann Bromley, MD

Mary D’Alton, MD
David Luthy, MD*
Brian Mercer, MD
John Queenan, MD*
Edward Quilligan, MD*
Christopher Robinson, MD, MSCR
Andrew Senyei, MD
Joanne Stone, MD, MS


Aaron Caughey, MD, PhD

Frank Fertitta, III
Lorenzo Fertitta
Thomas Garite, MD*
Brian Iriye, MD
Dan O’Keeffe, MD


Laxmi Baxi, MD

Jay Iams, MD*
Michael Krew, MD, MS
Federico Mariona, MD, MBA*
Richard Paul, MD*
Michael and Julie Peress
Lawrence Platt, MD*
Robert Resnik, MD*
Laura Riley, MD
Robert Sokol, MD*
Catherine Spong, MD



Alfred Abuhamad, MD
Kofi Amankwah, MD*
John Barton, MD, MS
Vincenzo Berghella, MD
Sean Blackwell, MD
Frank Boehm, MD
John Botti, MD*
Haywood Brown, MD
Robert Carpenter, Jr, MD*
Arnold Cohen, MD*
C Andrew Combs, MD, PhD
Joshua Copel, MD
David Cotton, MD
Sabrina Craigo, MD
Robert Creasy, MD*
Amelia Cruz, MD*
F. Gary Cunningham, MD*
Gary Dildy, MD
Marc and Stacy Falcone
Michael Foley, MD
Roger Freeman, MD*
Steven Gabbe, MD*
Alessandro Ghidini, MD
Laura Gorski, MD
Wilson Huang, MD
Richard Kates, MD*
Helen Kay, MD
James Keller, MD
Allen Killam, MD*
Sarah Kilpatrick, MD, PhD
Moon Kim, MD
Mark Landon, MD

Jeffrey Lipshitz, MD*
Deirdre Lyell, MD
James Martin, Jr, MD
Kathryn Menard, MD, MPH
Irwin Merkatz, MD*
Frank Miller, MD*
Douglas Montgomery, MD
Thomas Moore, MD
Yuji Murata, MD
Michael Nageotte, MD
Roger Newman, MD
Jennifer Niebyl, MD*
Mary Norton, MD
Richard Perkins, MD*
Eva Pressman, MD
John Queenan, Jr, MD and Ruthanne Queenan, MD
Kathryn Reed, MD
Andrew Satin, MD
Anthony Sciscione, DO
Bob Silver, MD
Lynn Simpson, MD
Michael Socol, MD*
William Spellacy, MD*†
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Steen
Ronald Wapner, MD*
Katharine Wenstrom, MD
Deborah Wing, MD, MBA
Stephen Wold, MD
Blair Wylie, MD
Sze-Ya Yeh, MD*
Carolyn Zelop, MD

*Founder’s Club Member (MFM Board Certification prior to 1983)