Major Individual Donors

The Foundation recognizes individuals who have made substantial lifetime contributions to our programs and mission.
are grateful for their generous support and investment in the future of maternal-fetal medicine.



($40,000 or more)

Bryann Bromley, MD

Mary D’Alton, MD
David Luthy, MD*
Brian Mercer, MD
Dan O’Keeffe, MD
John Queenan, MD*

Edward Quilligan, MD*
Christopher Robinson, MD, MSCR
Andrew Senyei, MD
Joanne Stone, MD, MS

($30,000 - $39,999)

Aaron Caughey, MD, MPH, PhD

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fertitta III
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Fertitta
Brian Iriye, MD

($20,000 - $29,999)

Laxmi Baxi, MD
Michael Foley, MD

Thomas Garite, MD*
Jay Iams, MD*
James Keller, MD, MHSA
Michael Krew, MD, MS
Mark Landon, MD
Deirdre Lyell, MD
Federico Mariona, MD, MBA*
Richard Paul, MD*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Peress
Lawrence Platt, MD*
Robert Resnik, MD*
Laura Riley, MD
Anthony Sciscione, DO
Michael Socol, MD*
Robert Sokol, MD*
Catherine Spong, MD

($10,000 - $19,999)


Alfred Abuhamad, MD
Kofi Amankwah, MD*
John Barton, MD, MS
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H.M. Beauregard
Vincenzo Berghella, MD
Sean Blackwell, MD
Frank Boehm, MD*
John Botti, MD*
Haywood Brown, MD
Robert Carpenter Jr., MD*
Nancy Chescheir, MD
Arnold Cohen, MD*

C. Andrew Combs, MD, PhD
Joshua Copel, MD
David Cotton, MD
Sabrina Craigo, MD
Robert Creasy, MD*
Amelia Cruz, MD*
F. Gary Cunningham, MD*
Gary Dildy, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Falcone
Helen Feltovich, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Freeman*

Steven Gabbe, MD*
Alessandro Ghidini, MD
Laura Gorski, DO
Wilson Huang, MD
Donna Johnson, MD
Richard Kates, MD*

Helen Kay, MD
Allen Killam, MD*

Sarah Kilpatrick, MD, PhD
Moon Kim, MD
Jeffrey Lipshitz, MD*

James Martin Jr., MD
Kathryn Menard, MD, MPH
Irwin Merkatz, MD*
Frank Miller, MD*
Douglas Montgomery, MD
Thomas Moore, MD
Yuji Murata, MD
Michael Nageotte, MD
Roger Newman, MD
Jennifer Niebyl, MD*
Mary Norton, MD
Barbara Parilla, MD
Richard Perkins, MD*
Eva Pressman, MD
Drs. John and Ruthanne Queenan Jr.
Kathryn Reed, MD
Andrew Satin, MD
Robert Silver, MD
Lynn Simpson, MD
William Spellacy, MD*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Steen
Ronald Wapner, MD*
Katharine Wenstrom, MD
Deborah Wing, MD, MBA
Stephen Wold, MD
Blair Wylie, MD, MPH
Sze-Ya Yeh, MD*
Carolyn Zelop, MD

Bolded names indicate at least one donation was made in 2022. 
*Founder’s Club Member (MFM Board Certification prior to 1983)