Thank you to the more than 80 volunteers who support the work of the Foundation
through their service on our governance and program selection committees.

Development Committee

Chris Robinson, MD, MSCR - Chair

Samuel Bauer, MD, MBA, FACHE, CPE
Bryann Bromley, MD
Ana Collins-Smith, MD
James Keller, MD
Deirdre Lyell, MD
Amber Samuel, MD
Christina J. Wurster, MBA, CAE

Finance Committee

James Keller, MD, MHSA - Chair

Sean Blackwell, MD
Bryann Bromley, MD
Edward Chien, MD, MBA
Cornelia Graves, MD
Christina Han, MD
David McLean, MD
Angela Silber MD, MBA
Christina J. Wurster, MBA, CAE

Nominating Committee

James Keller, MD, MHSA - Chair

Vincenzo Berghella, MD
Haywood Brown, MD
Jeffrey Kuller, MD
Anthony Sciscione, DO


Danielle Peress, MD Memorial Fund Committee

Lisa D. Levine, MD - Chair

Ashley N. Battarbee, MD, MSCR
Annie Dude, MD, PhD
Kristin Gerson, MD, PhD
Julio Mateus Nino, MD, PhD
Emily Miller, MD, MPH


Garite Mini-Sabbatical Committee

Brian Iriye, MD - Chair

Chad Grotegut, MD
Mounira Habli, MD, MSCR
Michael Haydon, MD
Meghan Hill, MBBS
Priya Rajan, MD


Queenan Global Health Awards Committee

Kelli Barbour, MD, MSc, MA - Chair

Homa Ahmadzia, MD, MPH
Alexis Gimovsky, MD
Henry Mark Lugobe, MBChB, MMed
D'Angela Pitts, MD
Robert Silver, MD
Elizabeth Stringer, MD, MPH
Ronan Sugrue, MBBCh, MPH
Martha Tesfalul, MD
Jorge Tolosa, MD, MSCR
Blair Wylie, MD, MPH - Past Chair
Doris Chou, MD - Geneva Advisor
Romeo Galang, MD, MPH - CDC Advisor

Resident Scholars Committee

Alison Cahill, MD, MSCI - Chair

John Byrne, MD, MPH
Aaron Caughey, MD, MPH, PhD
Juan M. Gonzalez Velez, MD, PhD
K. Joseph Hurt, MD, PhD
Jessian L. Muñoz, MD, PhD, MPH
Stephanie Ros, MD, MSCI
Amber Samuel, MD
Lorene Temming, MD
Joe Wax, MD
Nikolaos Zacharias, MD

Scholarly Activities Committee

Samuel Parry, MD - Chair

Kjersti Aagaard, MD, PhD
Katherine Grantz, MD, MSCR
William Grobman, MD, MBA
Mounira Habli, MD, MSCR
Louise Laurent, MD, PhD
Uma Reddy, MD
Jamie Lo, MD, MCR

Literature Alert Committee

Joanne Quiñones, MD - Chair

Joseph Canterino, MD
Nancy Chescheir, MD
Stephen Contag, MD
Erich Cosmi MD, PhD
Mayra Cruz Ithier, MD
Ashi Daftary, MD
Kathryn Drennan, MD
Stephanie Dukhovny, MD
Sarah Rae Easter, MD
Keith Eddleman, MD
Chris Ennen, MD
Maisa Feghali, MD
Kelly Gibson, MD
Emily Hadley, MD


Christina Han, MD
Melissa March, MD
Julio Mateus Nino, MD
Courtney Olson-Chen, MD
Tulin Ozcan, MD
Emmanuelle Pare, MD
Marc Parrish, DO
Aaron Poole, MD
Steve Rad, MD
Jonathan Rosner, MD
Christina Scifres, MD
Amir Shamshirsaz, MD
Barton Staat, MD