D'Angela Pitts, MD

2018 Queenan Global Health Award
Currently at Henry Ford Health System

What was the most memorable part of your Foundation-funded project or experience as a Foundation awardee?

Knowing that I have made a difference in both my patients' life and the training of residents and fellows. During my recent work in Ghana, I diagnosed an acute complication on ultrasound that could have led to an intrapartum death. After the delivery, the patient gave me a huge hug and said, "Thank you for saving my life and my baby's life." I am still in contact with most of the residents via social media and WhatsApp. Moments like these are what keep me going and motivate me to do better.

If you received funding for a research project, are you still involved in that area of research?


Tell us more about what you're currently working on.

Currently working on evaluation of the fellowship program and decreasing maternal mortality in the referring hospitals.

How did the award influence your career?

This award solidified that I want my career to focus on global health. I plan on establishing an obstetrical fellowship in a sub-Saharan African country and bringing students/residents with me and also having their students/residents visit my institution.

What lessons (e.g., personal, professional, life, etc.) did you learn that you would like to pass on to future awardees?

Identify a mentor(s) who can help guide you through your journey and allow you to be successful. Learn about the culture and traditions of your country of interest. Be patient. Have fun!

Did you submit an abstract for #SMFM20?


Where did you do your MFM fellowship?

University of Michigan.

What do you like best about being an MFM?

I love the complexity of pregnancy and that I am able to help patients achieve their dream of a healthy baby.

What do you hope to be doing in 10 years?

I hope to work in an academic setting teaching residents and fellows and having a large role in global health research.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I played competitive dodgeball in undergrad and caught the championship ball!